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Description:   Giggig Web Dev is the ideal tool for beginners aiding in every step required to design and publish your new website. You can create a professional web site for online presence for your business or hobby, with no prior experience. WYSIWYG EditorOver 50 Free Templates Provided

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Lucene web service This project is a Java servlet that implements a Lucene text indexing XML web service using REST.

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My Web Designer This project is the free and open source rival of any commercial web design software. The intention is for it to be fully featured and accurately WYSIWYG. If you have an idea that will add to the project let us know.

Giggig Email Giggig Email Server is a product designed to secure and improve your communications. We are building a brand new form of electronic communication designed to improve communication, enterprise productivity and security. Supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP.

Giggle++ Gene's Intrepid Garbage Gathering Library Engine for C++. Uses smart pointers. Allows for run-time selection of garbage collection strategies. Comes with several garbage collectors, & you can write your own.

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